Operating a

National Boom Truck Crane

May 2000


National 400A Truck Crane

Elderlee, Inc.
729 Cross Road
Oaks Corners, New York
(800) 344-5917
Phone: (315) 789-6670
Fax: (315) 789-4262


Today is Monday, May 15th, 2000 and I am starting a new job for and I am meeting my new crew at 8:00 am somewhere in the area of the Rip Van Winkle Bridge. First day back this year and it's a nice one, weather wise anyway! Well there are allot of signs over this bridge but I see no truck crane in sight so I sit here a while where the hall told me to meet the foreman.

8:00am No crew in sight. Asked a DOT guy sitting in a truck and he said that the Elderlee guys go through all the time so instead of waiting here I'll go down the length of this work zone and see if I spot anyone.

Spotted them setting up. Pulled in and got my stuff out of the car - hardhat, vest, glasses, gloves etc. and went over to introduce myself.

State DOT man, "Ray", took my crane license number and my union card and my driver's license and spoke to me for a few minutes about any experience, etc. I try to be honest as this is important in determining how reputable and dependable you are. Just because you don't have allot of experience doesn't mean you aren't able to do the job. Lying would be foolish and dangerous.

 Well, The first day went off without a hitch. We had a good day Tuesday and Wednesday but Thursday it was rather windy and rainy but we managed to get in a pick. It is now the weekend. I got along with everyone well and Don, the foreman, is easy to understand and signals me clearly. We only had one problem this week with one of the expanses not fitting so it will need to be remanufactured. Today we got out early as it rained all day. I need to take care of my troubled feet! Soak them all weekend!

Don and Ray above attaching cage to pole and Mark and Don below on left side. This was a rather windy day and I was surprised that we did do the lift although it went quite well. Hydraulic cranes don't swing with the wind like a sailboat like friction cranes do. I had nice control through the swing and load setting. We had a little trouble getting the poles spread to accommodate the width for a few minutes but the crew works excellent together and did a great job without a hitch!


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