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Welcome to my web page for Teamsters.

“History will judge us by our ability to uphold the Teamsters tradition of making people’s lives better. I am confident that through our growing solidarity we can build a foundation that will make the lives our children and their children better through our actions today.”

— James P. Hoffa, Teamsters General President

Teamsters accuse USF of union busting after unit closure By ELIZABETH SOUDER
The Associated Press
5/25/04 6:29 PM

helmets to hardhats

100th Anniversary Screen printed T-shirt: full color logo

International Brotherhood of Teamsters
Teamsters Canada

The Greatest American Labor Leader
Skills For Tomorrow
Executive Paywatch 2002

Teamster Joint Councils

Joint Council 3 33,000 working men and women in eight western states
Joint Council 7 unofficial
Joint Council 10 New England
Joint Council 28 Washington State
Joint Council 32 Minnesota
Joint Council 38 Modesto, Ca.
Joint Council 40 western Pennsylvania
Joint Council 42 southern California, southern Arizona, southern Nevada, Hawaii
Joint Council 45 Iowa Conference of Teamsters
Joint Council 46 Cheektowaga, NY
Joint Council 91 Anjou, Quebec
Georgia-Florida Conference of Teamsters approximately 30,000 members
Pennsylvania Conference of Teamsters Joint Council 40 & Joint Council 53

Teamster Locals

There are more than 500 Teamster Locals.

If yours is not listed below, send me the web address and they will be added.

Local 5 Baton Rouge, La.
Local 8 State College, Pa.
Local 14 Las Vegas, Nv.
Local 17 Denver, Co. - great website, check it out
Local 19 Grapevine, Tx.
Local 24 Akron, Ohio with members in Summit, Medina, Stark and Portage Counties
Local 25 Revere, Ma.- police officers
Local 30 Jeannette, Pa.
Local 31 Delta, British Columbia
Local 36 San Diego, Ca.
Local 38 Everett Wa.
Local 42 Lynn, Ma. - Chartered in 1903
Local 50 Waterloo, Illinois
Local 63 Rialto, Ca. - southern California
Local 64 West Warwick, RI
Local 66 Seattle, Wa.
Local 67 Washington DC and Vicinity
Local 69 Les Saules, Quebec, Canada (French)
Local 70 Oakland, Ca. and Alameda County since 1903
Local 72 New York, N.Y.
Local 77 Fort Washington, Pa.
Local 78 Hayward, Ca.
Local 89 Louisville, Ky.
Local 97 Union, N.J.

Local 102 Fair Lawn, N.J.
Local 104 Phoenix, Az.
Local 106 Quebec, Canada
Local 106 Quebec, Canada
Local 110 Edensburg, Pa.
Local 111 New York, N.Y.
Local 115 Wilmington, De., Camden, N,J. and Philadelphia, Pa.
Local 117 Seattle, Wa.
Local 118 Rochester, N.Y.
Local 118 Rochester, N.Y. unofficial Message Board
Local 127 Boston, Ma.
Local 135 Indianapolis, In.
Local 142 Gary, In.
Local 150 Sacramento, CA
Local 155 Vancouver, B.C.
Local 162 Portland, Or.
Local 166 Bloomington, Ca.
Local 170 Worcester, Mass.
Local 174 Seattle, Wa.
Local 177 Northern New Jersey
Local 177 unofficial - Northern New Jersey
Local 186 Ventura, Ca.
Local 190 Billings, Montana - southeastern Montana and northern Wyoming

Local 200 Milwaukee, Wi.
Local 202 Bronx, New York
Local 205 White Oak, Pa.
Local 210 New York, N.Y. Airline Division
Local 210 New York, N.Y. Costco Members
Local 211 Pittsburgh, Pa.
Local 228 Sacramento, Ca.
Local 229 Scranton, Pa.
Local 231 Bellingham, Wa.
Local 237 New York, N.Y.
Local 243 Detroit, Mi.
Local 249 Pittsburgh, Pa.
Local 250 Pittsburgh, Pa.
Local 261 New Castle, Pa.
Local 267 Fort Collins, Co.
Local 273 Warrendale, Pa.
Local 282 Lake Success, N.Y.
Local 284 Columbus, Ohio
Local 284 Columbus, Ohio - Airline Division
Local 289 Minneapolis, Mn.
Local 294 Albany, New York
Local 299 Detroit, Mi.

Local 313 Tacoma, Wa.

Local 320 Minneapolis, Mn.
Local 325 Rockford, Ill
Local 328 Escanaba, Mi.
Local 340 South Portland, Maine
Local 344 Milwaukee,Wi.
Local 355 Baltimore and vicinity, Maryland - since 1933
Local 362 Alberta, Canada - Northwest Territories
Local 371 Rock Island, Ill.
Local 373 Fort Smith, Ark.
Local 377 Youngstown, Ohio
Local 381 Santa Maria, Ca.
Local 384 Norristown, Pa.
Local 385 Orlando,Florida
Local 386 Modesto, Ca.
Local 391 Greensboro, N.C./ Thomasville, N.C.
Local 396 Covina, Ca.
Local 397 Erie, Pa.
Local 399 North Hollywood, Ca.
Local 399 North Hollywood, Ca. - unofficial
Local 399 North Hollywood, Ca.

Local 404 Springfield, Ma.
Local 407 Cleveland, Ohio
Local 419 Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Local 430 York, Pa.
Local 431 Fresno, Ca.
Local 436 Valley View, Oh.
Local 439 Stockton, Ca.
Local 444 Auburndale, Florida
Local 445 Newburgh, New York
Local 463 Fort Washington, PA
Local 471 Minneapolis, Mn.
Local 473 Cleveland, Oh.
Local 493 New London, Conn.
Local 495 Pico Rivera, Ca. - la versión en español

Local 512 Jacksonville, Florida
Local 515 Chattanooga, Tn.
Local 528 Atlanta, Ga.
Local 531 Yonkers, N.Y.
Local 537 Denver, Co.
Local 542 San Diego, Ca.
Local 549 Blountville, Tenn.
Local 570 Baltimore, Md.
Local 572 Carson, Ca.
Local 578 Orange, Ca.
Local 580 Lansing, Mi.
Local 599 Tacoma, Wa.

Local 600St. Louis, Mo.
Local 610St. Louis, Mo.
Local 618St. Louis, Mo.
Local 624Santa Rosa, Ca.
Local 628 Philadelphia, Pa. e-mail only
Local 630Los Angeles, Ca.
Local 631Las Vegas, Nv.
Local 633 Manchester, N.H. - unofficial
Local 637Zanesville, Ohio since 1949
Local 638 Minneapolis, Mn.
Local 657 San Antonio, Tx.
Local 662 Eau Claire, Wi.
Local 665 Daly City, Ca.
Local 671 East Hartford, CT
Local 682 St. Louis & Rolla, Mo.
Local 686 Salem, New Hampshire
Local 688 St. Louis, Mo.
Local 690 Spokane Wa.
Local 696 Topeka, Kansas

Local 705 Chicago, Ill.
Local 707 Hempstead, N.Y.
Local 710 Chicago, Ill. - their Pension Fund is $1.2 BILLION strong
Local 722 La Salle, Ill.
Local 731 Chicago, Ill.
Local 734 Chicago, Ill. - unofficial
Local 744 Chicago, Ill.
Local 747 Houston, Tx.
Local 769 Miami, Florida
Local 773 Allentown, Pa.
Local 776 Harrisburg, Pa.
Local 781 Chicago, Ill.
Local 783 Louisville, Ky. and southern Indiana - founded in 1937
Local 791 Rochester, N.Y.

Local 804 New York, N.Y.
Local 807 Long Island City, NY
Local 810 New York, N.Y.
Local 814 Long Island City, NY
Local 819 Maspeth, N.Y.
Local 830 Philadelphia, Pa.
Local 840 New York, New York
Local 848 El Monte, Ca.
Local 853 Oakland, Ca.
Local 854 Valley Stream, N.Y.
Local 856 San Bruno, Ca.
Local 877 Linden, N.J.
Local 878 Little Rock, Arkansas
Local 879 Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Local 886 Oklahoma City, OK.
Local 890 Monterey County, Salinas, Ca.
Local 896 Los Angeles, Ca.
Local 896 Los Angeles, Ca. - unofficial

Local 911 Long Beach, Ca.
Local 916 Springfield, Ill.
Local 919 unofficial - Houston, Tx.
Local 921 San Francisco, Ca.
Local 931 Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Local 947 Jacksonville, Florida
Local 952 Orange, Ca. - Orange County and vicinity
Local 959 Anchorage, Alaska
Local 959 unofficial - Anchorage, Alaska
Local 973 Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Local 986 South El Monte, Ca.
Local 988 Houston, Texas
Local 991 Mobile, Al.
Local 995 Las Vegas, Nv.
Local 996Honolulu, Hawaii

Local 1035 South Windsor, Ct.
Local 1100 Piscataway, N.J.
Local 1145 St. Paul, Minnesota
Local 1150 Stratford, Connecticut
Local 1999 Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Local 1224 Wilmington, Ohio - representing the Pilots of Airborne Express
Local 2000Bloomington, Mn. - Northwest Flight Attendants
Local 2727 Louisville, Ky.

Retirees, Pensions, Health & Welfare

Central New Jersey Retired Teamsters
Central Pennsylvania Teamsters H & W and Pension Funds
Central Pennsylvania Teamsters Pension Reform Committee
Central States Pension Fund
Central States Pension Improvement Committee

Local 118Teamsters Retiree Chapter
Local 170 and 437Health & Welfare Fund
Local 294 Teamsters Retiree Chapter
Local 379Construction Teamsters Health & Welfare Fund
Locals 404,443,493,559,677,1035 Health Services & Insurance Plans
Local 618 Health & Welfare
Local 707Road Carriers Labor Benefit Knowledgebase System
Local 734 Pensions, Health & Welfare

Michigan Conference of Teamsters Welfare Fund
New England Teamsters Pension Fund
New York State Teamsters Benefit Funds
Northern New England Benefit Trust
Philadelphia and Vicinity Health,Welfare and Pension Funds
PUPS IncHourly UPS employees eligible to Retire or Retired in the Chicago Area

Southwest Administrators, Inc.
Teamstar Teamster Retirees, Spouses or Surviving Spouses
Teamsters Benefit Trust
Teamsters CareTeamsters Union 25 Health Services & Insurance Plan
Teamsters Miscellaneous Security Trust Fund
Teamster Retiree Coalition of N.Y. State
Teamster Retiree Message Board
Teamster Retiree WebRing

Western Conference of Teamsters Pension Trust
Western Pennsylvania Teamsters & Employers Pension Fund
Western Pennsylvania Teamsters & Employers Welfare Fund

Miscellaneous Teamster Sites

2003 NMFA Tentative Language
Airborne Teamsters Local 249
Airborne Teamsters Local 705
America West CSR Organizing Headquarters
Anheuser Busch Teamsters Bulletin Board post a message
The Association for Union Democracy
Brown Cafe
Buy Union

California Teamsters Public Affairs Council
Central States Pension Improvement Committee
Commercial Drivers License Prep Test
Committee for Progress @ 237
Chuck Mack - Western Region V.P.
The Citizenship Project sponsored by Teamsters Local 890
The Conscience of 294
Continental Express mechanics Teamsters page
The Devil and Roy Williamsa Readers Digest story about the former Teamster President
Devil's Pact a book at Amazon.com

EZDOZEN.com The Top Dozen Sites
Feeder Drivers Web Site UPS Feeder Drivers
Fly on the Wall 911
an F.B.I. file from the Smoking Gun
The Heartland Labor Capital Network
Fly on the Wall 911
Hoffa Poster
Joint Council 37 Federal Credit Union

Labor News
Labor Power! a Steward from Local 135
National Master Freight Agreement
New England Teamsters Federal Credit Union
N.I.L.R.R. - National Institute For Labor Relations Research
NMFA Library - all the OTR agreements online
Northwest Flight Attendants
Office of the Election Administrator

Randy Olson Legal Assistance Fund
Res Ipsa Loquitur
Roadway St. Louis City Website
Sign a petition to Overnites top customers
Solidarity Forever
Southern California Tradeshow & Convention Resources .
Summit Logistic's Safeway Distribution Center in Tracy, California

Teamster Aircraft Mechanics
Teamsters of Air Canada
Teamster Freight Jobs
Teamsters Have a Heart Foundation
Teamster Horsemen Motorcycle Association - National Association
Teamster Horsemen Chapter 1
Teamster Horsemen Chapter 53
Teamster Horsemen Chapter 73
Teamster graffiti in New York City
Teamsters for a Democratic Union

The Teamster Network
Teamster Perspective From The Newspapers
The day Jimmy Hoffa didn't come home .

Union Songs
The Union Labor Life Insurance Company
United We Stand A club for "Armadillo Express" drivers...
UPS Master Agreement 1997-2002 the full text
A View of the Teamster Tragedy
Warshaws Web Durrant v. Yellow Freight Corp.
Watchmen of Local 118 Message Board
Western Motor Carriers - JWAC Decisions


The Fed Up Home Page
Teamster Pride in our FedEx Future
Union Pride in our FedEx Future
FDX Workers' Organizing Forum

Act Now to Protect Your Pension!

Western Conference
Central States
Central PA Teamster Pension Reform


bullet Teamster Site
bullet Message board for Teamsters
bullet Teamsters and Other Labor Links
bullet Central States Pension Improvement Committee
bullet Western Teamsters Pension Improvement Committee
bullet Central Pa. Teamsters Pension Reform Committee
bullet Website for class action lawsuit involving California UPS drivers
bullet Yellow Freight Drivers website
bullet IBT Carhaul Unity 2003 website
bullet IBT NMFA 2003 website
bullet Teamsters Local 174 Rank & File Power
bullet Fly on the Wall: Local 710 reform news
bullet Discussion Board for laid-off CF drivers
bullet The Conscience of Local 294
bullet Brown Cafe
bullet Buster Brown UPS page
bullet NWA Contract Forum
bullet Anheuser-Busch Teamsters “Ready to Strike”
bullet Fed-Up at FedEx
bullet Freight Haulers in Cyberspace
NOTE: Freight Haulers in Cyberspace is an e-mail listserve that provides news and opinion on trucking and truckers. To subscribe send a blank e-mail to: FreightHaulers-subscribe@topica.com
bullet UPS On-Line Contract Info
bullet Southern Calif. Tradeshow and Convention Workers Website
bullet Local 294 Airborne Teamsters site
bullet Continental Airlines Mechanics site
bullet Air Canada Teamsters site

Copyright © 2008    All rights Reserved Marianne C. Rafferty


Copyright © 2008    All rights Reserved Marianne C. Rafferty