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Going on over 20 years now, I have tried to keep everyone updated on the work situation and any photos or news I have to share. Thanks for taking the time to view my pages. I have tried and will continue to try and put together a site that is current and interesting. When I started this site in 1998 I was new to the computer and to the net. I couldn't type for beans and building a web site was a learning experience to say the least! I graduated high school in 1975 without ever typing a word and I didn't even know how to turn on a computer let alone edit a web site. I have learned allot through the years thru trial and error. Believe me more error than trial and am finally able to produce something professional looking even though I cheated and used First Page 2006 in the beginning. Here is a personal Gallery

Web Photo Gallery

My husband Gary

On a Rockcutter 1984

For Hudson River bobcat milling machine

Vermeer saw for Green Island Const.

Me and husband 1990

One year old Chubby!

As baby 1 year old

Uncle Joe, Mom and Dad

Aunt Jo and Mommy

Godparents and me

Godparents at baptism

Me at Prom 16 years old


at school in 1993

for magazine shoot

Allysa and Nana

Sabrina and I

Mischief and me

My business card pic

20 years at Ramsey, Yonkers,NY

Junior High at 13 years old

Marino crane for Siemans

Crane class,Arty and I

Crane class 1993

A 300 ton in Gilboa I ran

Me and Gary and Joshua 1989

RPI on Lorraine

Callanan 2001

Many of you that I see at the union meetings are wondering where certain pictures went that were on my site previously. Well, I am an avid photographer (and reader) so I have thousands of photos on cds and dvds now and have to change the ones on my site periodically so that it would not become too picture heavy and load slower than it does now. I try not to cut down on the pixel size for the full images so people can download them and get a decent photo from them. I am in the process of organizing all my files from Bechtel and Albany Airport and this Tower crane job and will have them available on cd for anyone for a small fee to cover the cds and shipping, if anyone is interested. I am also making a few movies of the Tower crane operation and some others are in the works so keep checking back.


Along with operating heavy equipment and photography , my greatest joys are my five grandchildren and my five dogs! I don't mean little dogs either, See my Rottweiler page., Fritzy. I do have four smaller dogs, though. Scooter and Mischa are Schauzer brothers , 6 years now and Mischief and Mouse my two Pomeranian Pekinese mixes. See my photo collection below...

Anyway, I am looking forward to retiring, within the next 2 years, with my husband to our home in the works up in the Adirondacks and enjoying four wheeling in Caroga, my pets and my family time. I am sure that I will have a piece of equipment around to play on and will never lose that feeling of wanting to operate and challenge myself in other ways. I am expanding my knowledge of computers to customizing my own and repairing relatives. I am no longer the one that is pulling my hair out with the deadly blue screen!


I hope that if I can in any way give some advice or way give some advice or encouragement to a lady or gentleman about becoming a union operator that you feel free to email me and I will help out in anyway possible.




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