7/15/17 I had a very proud feeling last week standing in front of my peers, colleagues, coworkers and friends. Since that night i have finally finished my application to get back my DOE government clearance to West Milton where I previously worked last year and for the past 7 years. I am at their training facility now and am realizing how much knowledge it takes to just do a task on site and be in full compliance. You just don't jump on the crane and go to work! Very technical and oh so boring! Anyhow, I am thankful for my union colleagues who are always at my side or have my back and am willing to make a few more hours towards my future pension. How long I stay will be determned by my husands health and how many vacations I can take while still working! Gotta start living the good life. I haven't even gone on a cruise yet. My home is coming together and I have another down the road I will be redoing and flipping, in my sparetime? Here are a few photos and a link to the pics from the Longevity dinner pics from the union.

5/25/2017 I am updating this site almost a year later! Anyone that knows me is aware that all kinds of stuff are going on in my life,including selling houses in Troy, flipping one in Burnt Hills, fixing up house in Averill Park. I have been working all around New York State. I figure I will start with the company I've been working for the last few weeks and work backwards! In the next few weeks I'll be getting ready to accept my 30 year pin with the IUOE, Its been a great ride on the whole.

5/17/2017 Have been driving cranes ftn_johnwillroger.jpgor Hudson Valley Crane Service, again. I drove quite a bit with their 21 ton Boom Truck and also their 45 ton Terex. I did some work at Marist College, setting bundles of trusses on the roof, and set some Modular homes and I also set some trusses in Poughkeepsie and I was at Donald Trumps Golf Course in Fishkill setting an air conditioner. The only problem it's a two hour drive back and forth just to get there and then you have to drive the crane. It makes for a long day.Heres a few pictures Click here! I am sort of enjoying it because its a different job all the time and its not everyday. Have been enjoying being home with my schnauzers and other 3 puppies!

1/03/2017 Hey everyone! I am now working for Michels Microdrilling What a very professional company! My boss is Victor and he is a great foreman, supervisor, very communicative and respectful of all of us and is always complimenting us as a group and individually for a job well done. When I first got there I had to set up all the trailers and con ex's and distribute the equipment that would be used. We set up in Security Supply parking lot and are going to be drilling and installing a 48 inch pipe that will hold the power lines that will connect the new power plant in Middletown to New York City. We will be going under 8 lanes of traffic and we will be done in entirety from start to finish after only 3 weeks other than the 3 or so weeks to set up and the few on the other end to pack u p and go. I worked with a great operator from Local 825, John Giraudin, and he is something with an excavator! A gentleman and good soul. Glad to call him a friend. Also Roger,and Will,laborers from Middletown, terrific fellows to have on the team. Thanks to Robert,too! Want to see some pics?Click here.

9/08/16 A whole lot of changes in my life have been happening. I am presently up here in Chateaugay, working on the Jericho Wind Project for Mammoet. I am operating a Grove 800E truck crane and had to get used to double clutching again and it is mine, all mine. I am the Run Around Crane operator and I service all the sites, whatever they need help with. I purchased a 2017 trailer for the job and for the future traveling I'll be doing and am enjoying staying up here at the Ponderosa campground with my dog, Scooter, and I am going to be here at least 16 weeks! Right now I'm not doing a lot of picks but I'll be busy soon enough. Update, Got a lot busier and was all around the sites and had a few problems with crappy small side roads and once I had 2 tires go into the shoulder that was soft, Bubba and Chris saved the day! I really had a great time, A few guys I worked with were Steve Soodsma, Johnny Soprano, Kevin Socia, Chris Labombard Pete Smith, Gary Martin, Lucas Goldie, and some others I am forgetting I'm sure! Anyway I hope to go back in 2018 if they start up again! Here is a nice amount of pics of my favorite crazy Canadian operators and friends that I had the upmost pleasure to work with for the summer thru November 4th, 2016 Special Shout out to Greg Davis, Bubba, Jim Armstrong,and Smiling Mikey! See pics at Jericho Wind Project. Also here at the Malone Wind Farm pics.

6/28/16 Went to the Longevity Awards dinner tonight at the Hall and not only was the dinner fantastic, great company, but we had a 70 year member get an award and a few 60,50 and a great many 30 and 25 year pins were awarded. I always have a great time so I'm glad my husband made me go even though I just got home from a 2 hour drive and had been up since 4am for work! I saw a great many friends get pins,including, Lori Gibbons, Chris Mannis, Ray May, Bert Veldman, James Kellogg, Danny Maxwell, Mark Michner, Jeff Kellogg, to name a few. Also Chris Mannis and Jeff Kellogg were nominated to be the local 158 Representatives. A link to my photos can be seen Click HERE

6/25/16 I have been rather busy these past 4 weeks, a lot of traveling and have met some great people and learned some new techniques. American Iron in Latham at the Life Church site, worked with some great Local 12 Ironworkers. Then off to the Casino site in Schenectady. where I worked for Ferraro Pile Driving and Shoring,I was second operator on the pile driver and that should start up again in August, only 7 miles from home. Then down to Poughkeepsie for a day for Hudson Valley Crane , where I did a one day job and on the way home I got a call for a job tripping precast in Newburgh area which I said ok to even though it is about a 2 hour drive. They said it was only for a few days but it ended up being a couple weeks. I am working at present time for Sautter Crane Rentals,the crane is a 10000A Manitowoc, and it had 120 feet of boom. and if you click on this LINKthis page link, it will take you to the other pics from the site. A special Thanks goes out to Michael Chippendale, for pics of me on crane and great rigging job, from Laborers Local 17 and Dale Evans from Falcon Industries for his tricks to make the job smoother. A good operator is always trying to improve and perfect their craft.

5/7/16 I have completed work up here in Cooperstown, moving on again, had a great week. Here are some pics

5/1/16 Am excited to say that I am going to a new job tomorrow for a few days in Cooperstown for American Iron and am glad to be working with Iron workers from Local 12, hopefully will turn out to be a great job! Love flying Iron!!! Been so long!

4/26/16 Have been on an picket of Land Remediation Services in Schenectady in front of Niagara Mohawk yard for a couple days. We have obviously been making a difference and it is due to the consistent OE's, such as Justin Morris, Keith Green, Kevin Parker, Mark Sanford. Pete,Denis,Rudy,Loris son, Kendall and others of whose names I can't remember offhand, and myself for a week or so. It always seems the same people are on these pickets, but at least the union can count on them. They are interested in meeting for a negotiation so it starting to look like we are getting somewhere. Here are some pictures from Facebook

3/6/16 There is no way I can have any excuses for not posting anything on my site the past few years but being busy, working, sometimes 12 hours ,seven days a week and also moving to this house in Saratoga County and our family situations... I am making excuses now, I will be able to do some things now as I was layed off last Friday and have the availability to post some photos if I get out and about. I will miss my friends and colleagues up at West Milton and might go back one day if offered.
3/31/2015 My good friend, Amanda Ricci and I were the centerfold story in the Yardlines, the magazine of Newport News shipbuilding in Virginia I felt it was an honor and exciting. It was awesome to be able mention our unions The Boilermaker's Local Lodge 197 and The Operating Engineers Local 158, Albany, New York and have a UNION FACE in the company magazine.

9/23/2014 My friend, Kevin Tambasco was proud to be there to watch his son, Keith Tambasco, join the ranks of the Operating Engineers Local 158.

6/28/12 I am attempting to update this page so the great folks I was at the Longevity Awards Tuesday night will be able to find the link to the photos that I took. I received my 25 year pin and had an awesome evening seeing people I haven't seen in a long time. I hope that I will one day be getting my 60 year pin like the fellow, Herb, who sat at my table with his brother inlaw of who he has known and worked with all his life. Pretty cool. He spoke of his appreciation to the trade that has taken care of him and his family without a college diploma as well as he could have hoped. He was proud of career and rightly so. I am creating the link here to the photos.

2/20/12 Amazingly it has been almost two years since I have posted anything on this site. I have been going through some personal tragedies and also my work has taken up quite a bit of my time. I work year round now sometimes 12 hours a day! The company that took over Electric Boats position at Kesselring is Newport News Shipbuilding and we are very excited about the change! The group is very engaged with getting more opportunities for work at the site and we have just received a new rental crane, a 765 e Grove,All terrain  and it’s a pleasure to operate something brand new! I am afraid I didn't’t post the 2012 Awards photos last year, so let me direct you to that 2011 awards link ! I have been involved in the Walk for the Cure in Albany and also have been to the IUOE Christmas party. The amount of time spent on the computer is mostly on Face book lately, as I check up on my family and friends, as many of us do. I am going to try to take some time to add some more items of interest in the next few months. Thank you for visiting again!

>1/29/10 My local number is now 158. The International president Vince Giblin wanted us to combine as many of the upstate locals into one strong local and still keep the individual districts of 106, 832 and 545 . I was present at the Union meeting in Syracuse on Tuesday, January 25th. It was good to see some of my friends from the dredging site, Patty and Scott and Billy from Callanan. Dan McGraw is Business Manager and our office is the main branch for Local 158. I will update with more info when I receive it from the hall. I do know that you can be on any of the out of work lists but only on one at one time. So if you happen to be closer to Binghamton, or Syracuse you can put your name on their district list instead of ours. I don't think a lot is going to change but time will tell. Harrigan said our pension is in much better shape than it was in 2008 and things work wise are looking up everywhere. I hope all of you out there have a great work year! I'll get back with more when I have it!

9/27/10 A special Union meeting tonight! A Watch presentation ceremony for 50 year members(or more!) I saw my good friend and mentor, Gene Messerecola and he was presented with a lifetime membership award and gold card for his years of fine service and membership in our Local. I am please to say he looked as great as always and got to take a picture with him! I didn't dress for this occasion as I didn't know that it was going to be such a special night. Members with 50 years of service or more were presented with a beautiful gold watch from the union and Dan McGraw made the presentations. I am very glad I go to these union events and meetings. It is always important to be a active member

9/24/10 Went to the Labor day parade down in Albany tonight. There were fireworks after at nightfall, and hot dogs and hamburgers. It was cool. I would have liked the quantity of our members there to have been larger and matching shirts and our banner would have been better. Bill Gray and his little daughter led us down State Street and it ended at the Corning preserve park over the bridge. Nice time. Lots of politicians. See pics at my Labor Day Parade Album

88/28/10 Just returned form the Annual Operating Engineers picnic. We had a little rain but it was a great success and a good time for all. Of course the food was terrific and Jeanne Picard was running around making sure everyone was satisfied . She's a great lady. We love it there,and try not to miss it. Many awesome prizes were given out. I have some pics from the day at My 2010 Picnic page on Goggle.

7/27/10 At the Longevity Awards ceremony at Michaels Banquet house in Latham. A great many Longevity pins were given out and members from 25 thru 50 years with Local 106 were in attendance. See my photos at Longevity Awards

6/19/10 Bobby Jones retirement dinner was held last night and it was a good time for all. Many of his family members were present and a lovely slide show was played and many people spoke about Bobby and his relationship with them and the benefit of his time as a member of Local 106. I took allot of photos and they can be viewed at my Bobby Retirement Album

4/09/10 Am currently up at West Milton again and was on the night shift for about 6 months and worked with fellow operator Michael Redmond and Brian Biche. It was a long shutdown and is still underway and I am probably going to be seeing night shift again, shortly. I really would like to stay here if possible so I will take what I can get! I avoided a layoff and am very glad to still be working during this hard economic time. We will be having a good deal of operators retiring as of June of this year and there will be some major changes down at the hall, except for Dan McGraw who is now our new Business Manager now that Bobby Jones has officially stepped down. We hope he enjoys his retirement! Can't wait myself!

2/4/10 The Tower crane is back up at the Capitol building and John Kakely and Kevin Socia are operating it It is taller than the one that I was on and it's boom is longer with an extra jib on the end. It also has mechanical and operational updates that were not present on the Liebherr that was constructed on the North side of the Capitol. This crane is erected on the east side and there are also higher security measures in place to protect the Capitol building and the state workers and politicians.

2/3/10 This is the first time that I have been able to update this site. I really have not been keeping up with anything on my computers as I have either been working(great) or trying to maintain my household, so this web stuff was thrown to the side. I am pleased after working for Shaw at the Hudson dredging site that I was able to return to the West Milton site. I have been there since June and since October have been on the night shift which was a little tough to adapt to. I am away from my husbands great cooking at dinner time so I have lost some weight! That's the best part. Also, working during the months of the winter that I usually would be laid off for. I am hoping to stay on permanently but one never knows.

7/25/09 Wednesday night I had the pleasure of viewing the awards ceremony at Michaels Banquet house and also took some photos. I wish I had been better prepared as I will bring a tripod next time and have my camera set up in advance for larger jpg photos. Have been very busy...

6/29/09 Today,on the way home,I took some shots near Rogers Island off the bridge on the river near Route 197 in Fort Edward where I am working as of May of this year. I am operating a filter press with a fine team of operators including Scott Frost. Bert Veldman. Dave Judaekis. Patty Egan. Eric Fox. Bob Prusinsky. and others. "Tiny", Justin Morris, Chris Labombard, Master Mechanic, "Larry the Lull", "Chip",and others... Mark Langlois on excavator, Mark Lounsbury... We are all involved in this world renown project that hopefully will rid the Hudson of PCBs dumped throughout the years by GE. I am sorry I will be leaving soon to go back to my job at West Milton as we are having a great time working together as a team and everyone here is giving it their all as working in this heat with tyvek and all the other PPE can be draining; it really helps to work with good people! If you would like to see some photos clickhere!

3/30/09 Took the Fork Lift training offered every Monday at the Union Shop. Got a call from the hall and will be starting on a job up in Fort Edward operating a filter press, which I'm told is pushing buttons and working inside, out of the weather, so that's great. I guess it could be a little boring but at 12 hour days and 6 days a week I'll be comatose before I'm bored! That is until I see my gross pay for the week! You know me, I'll take most any job the union sends me to, and I do appreciate getting out... just about now. I'm going stir crazy being laid off. Hopefully they'll be pleased with me and everything will go well, I might be allowed to read, which will keep me aware and make the time go by quicker. The info site for this project is at the Hudson River Dredging Project.

I also wanted to touch on the TWIC card. This is needed if you are planning to work at the Port of Albany. This site Transportation Worker Identification Credential will give you the links for your specific locality and you can fill in an application for an interview and speed up the process by doing some basics online. I was able to go February 28th to fill in and pay the fee( 132.00)I am still waiting to go pick it up although I've been approved and am waiting for the call from the port to pick it up.

1/1/09 Happy New Year to all. I am out and about now and hope to get a few shots of work sites around the Capital region. Allot of my friends are working down in Rensselaer and I got to work a few days for DA Collins under Kubricky at the Locks in Waterford while a fellow operator took care of a flood at home . The Lock 6 in Waterford is getting an overhaul and the work started in December. A few shots of this site can be seen at my web album site

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