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Maxymillian Technologies


      3/29/03 Good evening everyone. I have been on another jobsite, this time for Maxymillian Technologies. It is near my place in the Adirondacks but it is still too cold up here in New York State to turn on my water pump, etc. until the threat of below 30 degree nights is gone. I am working in Johnstown, New York on a Niagara Mohawk Soil remediation project. I am operating a 45 ton Grove crane with an 81' boom taking down an encapsulating tent structure. I will probably be lifting the sheets out as well. Photo to the right is the structure almost completely taken down. The frames are flown down in one piece and then taken apart on the ground. This massive structure which held all winter and encapsulated the whole remediation project was taken away on only two trailers!

We are now in the process of removing sheets from around the perimeter using a 416 ICE hammer. photo 2nd below, and a 45 ton Grove hydraulic crane. Believe me the sheets aren't the only things vibrating as they are being removed. I'm still shaking going down the road on my way home!

                5/8/2003    Our jobsite made the paper today. Ben Davis is seen in the foreground and my crane is in the back right hand corner of the photo(50 Ton Grove R T). I didn't get my name in, darn!! Fred Tingsley is on the excavator. Fred is an excellent operator and a great coworker. All of my friends and coworkers, Brian, Ben, Jake, Paul, George and Fred along with Dave, Ronny and Danny that have moved on have been great to work with. What started out as a two week job ended up being two months! So far the season has been busy. Hope to be leaving for a new job soon! This one is rapping up.



Niagara Mohawk Agrees To Clean Up Old Gas Plant Sites
Submitted by the NYS Department
of Environmental Conservation

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Commissioner Erin M. Crotty today announced the agency has reached an agreement with Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation for the investigation and remediation of 24 former manufactured gas plant (MGP) sites within the company's distribution area. [Two of the sites are in Oswego County see list below.]

Under a Voluntary Cleanup Order signed January 25, 2002, Niagara Mohawk will characterize contamination at each site, and if necessary, develop and implement a comprehensive investigation and cleanup at impacted sites.

"Under Governor Pataki's leadership, we have made significant progress in cleaning up contaminated sites across the State, ensuring that public health and the environment are fully protected," DEC Commissioner Crotty said. "We are pleased to enter into an agreement where Niagara Mohawk will investigate former manufactured gas plant sites and clean up hazardous substances related to plant operations."


Manufactured gas plants operated in many cities and towns across New York, primarily during the 1850s to 1950s. The plants converted coal, or a combination of coal, oil and water, into a gas product used for lighting and heating. There were more than 250 MGPs in New York State, and an estimated 3,000 in the United States, mostly in the Northeast and Midwest. The plants became obsolete when infrastructure improvements made natural gas readily available.


Niagara Mohawk is one of the first New York State utilities to agree to comprehensively address MGP sites under a multi-MGP Voluntary Cleanup Order with DEC. Nearly all of the 24 MGPs included under the Voluntary Cleanup Order ceased operations more than 50 years ago, with eight sites having been closed for more than 100 years. At one time, Niagara Mohawk is alleged to have either owned or operated the 24 sites.


James B. Howe, regional manager, Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation, said, "Niagara Mohawk is committed to protecting and improving the upstate New York environment. We are proud of our track record over the past decade in addressing the MGP problems we inherited and of our strong, professional working relationship with the DEC and the broad environmental community."


Senate Majority Leader Joseph L. Bruno said, "I am pleased that the DEC and Niagara Mohawk have come to an agreement to make sure these former sites are free from substances that may be dangerous to the public. This is yet another example of New York's strong commitment to cleaning up our environment."

Senator Carl L. Marcellino, Chairman of the New York State Senate Environmental Conservation Committee, said, "The cleanup of these coal gasification sites is an important undertaking and will remove hazardous substances from many intercity locations across the State. Niagara Mohawk should be commended for addressing this issue and working with the DEC to get these sites remediated. This kind of Brownfield's redevelopment is an important part of smart growth and the revitalization of the State's urban areas."

Aaron Mair, Sierra Club - Atlantic Chapter chair, said, "Sierra Club commends the efforts of DEC and Niagara Mohawk to investigate and remediate contamination stemming from historic manufactured gas operations. Waste generated by these facilities does have the potential to be very hazardous to human health and environmental quality. We look forward to reviewing the results of investigations and proposed remedial action plans and we offer our commitment to provide any assistance we can to ensure that cleanups carried out under the voluntary agreement are safe and effective."

The potential wastes and substances of concern at the former MGP sites may include coal, ash, cinders, coal tars, coal tar-related liquids and sludges, and gas purification wastes. Such materials may contain various organic and/or inorganic chemicals that are classified as hazardous substances or potentially regulated solid waste under State and Federal laws.


In 1992, DEC and Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation executed two consent orders to perform site investigations and, if necessary, remediation activities at 22 other MGP sites. The corporation also has been addressing MGP sites in Amsterdam, Fulton County, and the City of Oneida, Madison County, under Voluntary Cleanup Agreements with DEC and sites in Saratoga Springs, Saratoga County, and the City of Hudson, Columbia County, under consent orders with DEC and/or the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).


Under DEC's MGP program, investigations and/or remedial work has been undertaken at more than 70 sites in the State

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